Denise Dunham- - A Perfect Tree

Denise Dunham- - A Perfect Tree

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Título Original: A Perfect Tree

Los autores: Denise Dunham-

Fecha de lanzamiento: 13.07.2019

Género: Juvenil

ISBN: 9780999635353

El Tamaño De Archivo: 6.10MB

Idioma: Español

Formato de Ebooks : PDF, EPUB

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When DeeDee',s parents move to a new town and into an oh-so-tiny house, DeeDee',s winter holiday becomes a downsizing nightmare. It isn',t that DeeDee isn',t fond of dollhouses, that',s okay, but it all becomes complicated when DeeDee is taunted by a classmate. She stays cheerful for her school',s Christmas exchange, until she is betrayed by the cunning little girl who lies about the present with DeeDee',s name on it. How can she be thankful?To top it off, dad explains that their new house is too small to set up a holiday tree. In DeeDee',s spiral of disappointments, all is not lost! Surprises are in store when accidents happen. ,_,